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Worm gear grooved butterfly valve
Product models: XYLD381X
Nominal diameter: DN50~200 mm
Nominal pressure: PN1.0~ 1.6mpa
Applicable temperature: 0 ~ 70℃
Applicable medium: clean water, sewage, raw water
Body material: qt450-10, qt450-10 (whole coated rubber), 2Cr13
Connection: butt welding
Flange standard: GB/T 17241.6 GB/T 9113
Test standard: GB13927 AP1598
Product details

Product overview

Worm gear grooved butterfly valve with quick installation, simple, safe, reliable, not limited by the installation site, easy to pipe and valve maintenance, vibration and sound insulation and a certain Angle range to overcome the pipe connection is not coaxial and produce imitation difference, solve the temperature difference produced by the expansion and contraction of the advantages.

It is widely used in the water supply and drainage of the fluid pipeline, fire control, air conditioning, gas, petroleum, chemical industry, water treatment, municipal engineering, shipbuilding and other pipeline engineering as the control fluid.

Product features:

1. The valve is designed with mid-line sealing structure, light torque and good sealing performance;

2. Butterfly plate and valve stem are connected by pin free design with good connection reliability;

3. The whole butterfly plate is vulcanized with adhesive coating, with good corrosion resistance;

4. The connection of valve and pipeline is in the form of clamp connection, which is convenient and quick to install;

5, the valve drive mode is diversified, can be configured handle operation, worm gear operation, electric and pneumatic operation.

Main external connection dimensions